4,500 KM in South India. Photography excerpts from a surfing & motorcycle trip exploring the endless coastlines of south India. Riding a motorcycle throughout the west and east coasts of India, photographing our journey on the bike, the people we met, the waves we found and current affairs we came across along the way.  We traveled over 4,500 kilometers from Goa to Karnataka to Kerala to Tamil Nadu and back. Photography and words published in, Damaged Goods Zine,  The Guardian & Outside Magazine. For full story, please contact me directly.

Photographing South India’s vast coastline, we traveled the best way you can travel in India, by motorcycle. Through two separate trips, one on a Yamaha FZ16 and the other on a Royal Enfield Bullet 350, we mounted surf racks on the motorcycle and took off in one direction with no solidified plan as to where we would be staying or surfing. We just wanted to explore India’s coastline, photograph what we encountered and be open to the whims of the road. We had good success riding our Yamaha and Royal Enfield bikes with no major mechanical issues. Our journey was also met with consistent swells in both the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean as we got abundant surf throughout our trip. Given India’s small waves, I decided to ride a 4’11” surfboard shaped by Portugal’s finest Mica Surfboards located in Ericeira just outside of Lisbon. This small board surfed well throughout the west coast and even in the south coast of Kerala where we found bigger waves towards the end of our trip. It did struggle a little in Mahabalipuram where the flat rocker couldn’t synch with the hollow waves but as a one board quiver in a country that seldom sees big surf, it worked extremely well. The journey itself unraveled many interesting topics relating to the socio-political atmosphere of each region, environmental issues and the topography of India that is diverse beyond words.