Photographer and videographer based in Costa Rica as well as NYC
photo by: Michael Lennicx

Ozzie Hoppe is a photographer and videographer based in Costa Rica as well as NYC. He grew up on art, surfing and hitchhiking during a childhood that was spent between Latin America and the US, serving to cultivate an interest in meeting new people and documenting their expressions, art forms and stories. He has worked on select photo / video assignments and travel journeys ranging from a story that captured the city of Medellín’s growing hip hop community to a hitchhiking journey documenting the highway economy of India through the eyes of truck drivers. Currently based in Costa Rica / NYC, Ozzie is available for documentary assignments and boutique brand shoots.

Ozzie spends his time shooting photos, surfing, working in design, and painting / drawing on collaged paper.


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Bloomberg (USA)
Condé Nast (USA)
Condé Nast Traveller India (USA)
Simon & Schuster / Truck de India! (USA / India)
Outside (USA)
The Guardian / Global Focus (UK)
The Guardian / Travel (UK)
Al Jazeera Media Network (Qatar)
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AJ+ (Qatar)


Airbnb Magazine (USA)
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AMC Networks (USA)
Ricco Maresca Gallery (NYC)
The Sound (Mumbai)
SRFACE (Netherlands)
FARA (India)
Rustic Pathways (Costa Rica)


Agency: RW2 Productions USA
Costa Rica: +506 6252 0131
USA +1 512 766 9018