An Instagram story shot, on 35 mm & digital, for Al Jazeera’s content arm Aj Plus. Joining some of the original Indian born skateboarders in Bombay and Bangalore, I found a scene that was awash in all kinds of creative synergies, from BBoy crews to hip hop movements, BMX bikers and a vibrant and original skate scene at the centre of it all. In the last 15 years the skateboarding scene of India has gone from non existent to extensive as a few key members, both foreign and Indian, started creating their own uniquely carved skateboarding legacy here. Within a few years, skateparks were being built through the support of overseas skatepark builders, local kids psyched on skating and companies eager to get their foot in the door on the burgeoning urban love that is turning heads in a country that is often synonymous with Patriarchy, Cricket and being weary of non traditional paths.