Ozzie Hoppe was raised on a healthy diet of surfing and hitchhiking during a childhood that was spent between Costa Rica, New York, Hawaii, California and Texas; all serving as a starting point to traveling throughout the world. Ozzie has since lived in every continent except Antarctica. He focuses on portraiture and lifestyle photography as well as documentary projects. He has recently published his work in Damaged Goods Magazine (New Zealand), Surfline (California), La Repubblica (Italy), Zupi (Brazil), Outlook (India) and Al Jazeera Media Network (Qatar). When he’s not with a camera in hand or surfing, he spends his time toiling over scraps of paper he has collected from different countries to make paintings, going on multiple day hikes, riding road bikes and looking endlessly at weather patterns throughout the world. Ozzie is half Colombian, half German and fluent in Spanish.

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NYC: +1 512 766 9018